Abs Scores : 10 Str 10 Con 16 Dex 16 Int 11 Wis 15 Cha AC 13

Fort 10 Ref 15 Will 12

Trained Skills : Perception, Stealth, Bluff, Streetwise, Thievery, Bluff

Level 1 Elf Rogue, Size M, Age 102, Height 6’0’’ Weight 170, Attack +6 Ranged (Shuriken), 3 vs AC (Short Sword)


Lorien hails from the trade hub of Torr in the southwest where he was a member of a prominent merchant family until disowned by his father for being accused of theft and having no means to defend himself. He has set before himself the goal of proving his innocence, but cannot re-enter the city except through clandestine means as he is now an exile. From his outcast he has learned survival skills and is an adept traveler, though he is constantly drawn back to his home city because of his own stubbornness and scheming to get revenge against his accusers. His deft movements and ability to hide almost in plain sight allow him great alacrity in navigating urban areas, though as of now he is seeking companionship and coin only so that he can survive. (Will write more as I go along)


Dolotenshi DanTryniecki